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Why do you Vote?


I don’t need to remind you that November 3rd is Election Day. Your vote matters. Every. Single. Vote. Matters.

I am more moved to Vote because of something that could have been tragic to home values almost occured.

What is your reason?

” Milpitas garbage will be taken to Guadalupe Landfill in Almaden Valley?!!”

I asked how did we the people of the area not have any knowledge about THIS?  Was this a deal made in the back alley between a couple City officials and a Nationwide conglomerate like Waste Management? The Guru to our landfill as Apple is to our Iphone. We can’t live without either one. Google users; there is no doubt your cameras really are the best. Could we have the best of both worlds and have a Gropple phone someday?

In all seriousness. Do I need ask if that scenario would have a Positive or Negative impact on how you value your home and your neighborhood with increased Dump truck Traffic? Smells? Noise?

In that moment of time I had just Listed my 3rd home in the community in the direct path of the landfill. Angry and perplexed. I had to got involved as much as possible to understand how this would impact these homes I just promised to sell for Top Dollar. I treaded lightly as you know we can get easily coined as “slime- ball” when indeed all I really wanted to convey is that I care and that I want to do the best job possible.  To my own appeasement and investigation I took time to attend a Milpitas Town meeting. This is a City that at the time was still using plastic grocery bags. Would this message have stoked your fire? It did mine.  “I don’t care where my garbage goes as long as it’s not in my backyard” a quote from the Mayor himself.  I heard, saw, it and felt it with my entire being. Long story short. I decided at that very moment it was time for me to know more and get involved on a more community minded level beyond what was happening.

Would you do the same to protect your own rights as a citizen and homeowner? Would you work tirelessly in concert with your neighbors to STOP something like this from happening? Endure many sleepless nights of creating Spreadsheets, take a shift to count trucks or measure their speed, rally several meetings with the neighbors, attend gatherings, and set up meetings with officials?

I hope so. When you are ready to Army up.. Let me know. I will be right there beside you.

It was truly remarkable to see such a strong link of arms to fight for one purpose happening before my very eyes.

The happy ending is this.  The City of Milpitas’ garbage has a new home and it is successfully not in the backyard of this peaceful, yet wrathful, family oriented worldly community. The main reason.  Because the community came together. They made their own “stink”. See Link to the Article below..

This entire experience and their motivation will continue to inspire me for eons.

What would you have done? What has fueled you to care in your own life?

Would you stand up for your community when the long term effect on housing prices would be impacted?

I can hear you all responding “heck yes”!!

Today, I not only serve as your trusted Advisor and Realtor I volunteer in the world of Organized Real Estate. An entirely new world for me. I am serving as the 2020 and 2021 District Chair for approximately 1800 realtors. Now in the “know” about Legislative decisions that have an impact on you, your parents, your children and their children before they make headline news and communities SHRIEK in terror.  I am now part of the Recipe where ideas like Prop 19 are tested and baked and then inserted onto our menu or so called Ballot. What will I take home for dinner tonight? Will it sit well or give me heartburn? For your review and final Say.

With a Yes vote on Prop 19 we will preserve some parts of Prop 13, we will see funds distributed to allow 3 inter – California Moves on a lower Property Tax basis, assist those less fortunate victims of wildfire, and much more. Yes. Many Measures are not perfect solutions and seem to be a compromise that we learn to live with. We see that with every positive action moving toward a solution there will likely be equal negative causations.

Why the recipes you may ask? When you go Ask Alice my 99 year young grandmother; caterer in her hay day, school kitchen manager, restaurant manager, and much much more. Her response to me is this.  That every part of the Recipe matters. What does not matter is where the ingredients come from. When making due is what you gotta do – do it as long as it is tastes good and it is not harmful to yourself or others.  That every single one of us on this planet are part of one big pot of stew and we matter with no exceptions. All parts matter.

As for today I stand with renewed faith that the Recipe of a new Ballot Measure is more about how the ingredients in the cupboard will make the Bread Rise. Can the finished Bread be palatable to most? Breath life into and cause a ripple effect on the body of water of equanimity. Possibly create some ease for some California homeowners and create thoughts around feeling safer. Safer as we learn from our mistakes to find new ways to save more lives and homes from Mother Natures’ wrath. Safer when I know my child is less prone to being shot dead at school.  Safer now that the Virus has run its course. Safer now that my Retirement account is more stable due to a more fair tax system.

Voting is both a civic duty and an opportunity to make my voice heard and FEEL heard.  It’s not just about who I elect for President.  Who I choose as my local and state representatives will have a serious impact on my life, my family, and my community. When I vote, I know I’m doing my part when it comes to choosing leaders and changing laws.

Of many lessons learned I find that I need is what most of us need which is for me to know I am being Listened to by someone who has the power to make change happen.  Through these lessons and through speaking up I am finding that our Local and State leaders do just that. They actively Listen. Some leaders are in it for the sake of all lives and when they tell us they are going to do something it is up to ‘ us the people’ to hold those with powers to make change Accountable.

That my friends is one of the major reasons why I vote.

How about you?

If you need help finding your polling location or are looking for additional information on any ballot measures, please call me and or visit https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ .

See you at the Polls!

Read more about the landfill here…


Thanks again for your service to our community and thanks for being a voter and for reading!